Halloween Enthusiasm

I’ve always loved Halloween. Some of my most vivid memories are of what I call "Halloween Enthusiasm." My mother loved Halloween. My dad loved Halloween. EVERYONE loved Halloween. Our front yard was strategically planned each year to a different theme. Overnight, our front yard would become a spooky cemetery, or display of festive orange and black lights. One year I dressed up and sat outside to scare trick or treaters. It has always been a time of the year that creativity was the most over flowing. I know this is what started my love of costumes.

I owe the origin of my enthusiasm for costumes and their constructional envisionments to my mother. Halloween was one of the times she expressed her creativity and sewing skills to help me prepare a costume that was not comparable to any store bought costume. My mother had a real talent for having an idea in her head, and creating it. I loved that during the planning of our costumes, we would brainstorm and often decorate together. She would listen to my ideas, and I would listen to hers. It was true creative collaboration. One year, I found a mask that fascinated me so much. It had brown feathers on it, and only covered half of my face. I thought it was mysterious and beautiful. I didn’t really know what it was though. I just knew that I wanted to wear it. My mom helped me fashion an owl costume with which we could incorporate the mask. We contemplated and planned. I was so proud of my owl costume because of the work, and process of the project. That Halloween evening however, only her and I really knew what I was. Some people looked confused and would say “Are you a crow?” or “Some kind of bird eh?” but I didn’t care. I felt so amazing in my owl costume, that I had no motivation to correct the confused holders of my coveted trick or treat candies.

Some other notable costumes of my past have been; 

  • An Egyptian Pharaoh (with my dad dressing as a slave/body guard) -1999 
  • Mime- 2006
  • Robin (from Batman & Robin comics)-2007
  • Black Cat-2018
  • Andy Warhol- 2010
  • Peacock- 2014
  • Lion (Wig was hand sewn using hair extensions and a cat hood I found downtown)- 2015

This year for Halloween, my inspiration was taken from the 1979 Drama/Erotic Film “Caligula” starring Malcolm McDowell & Helen Mirren. The sexy short hemmed togas designed for Caligula out of silks, tulles, and organzas were so beautiful and unapologetically glamorous, I instantly started brain storming for my creation. I didn't want to be so typical with my color palette for my look so I decided on a Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus inspired color palette between pale blues and pale pinks. I ultimately decided on pale pinks as they somewhat reminded me of my time as a ballet dancer. The beauty of the pink tutus have obviously left a lasting impression on me. After finishing my toga vision, the adornments were a fun part. Gold Chains, and a Swarovski Crystal embellished mask I acquired while on Holiday in Venice, a long with a Goddess headband bought from Abracadabra became my crown. As is my natural role in getting my friends in LEWKS as well, I designed and created costumes for our Olympian/God/Goddess/WHATEVER party (*Special Thanks to Kyle P. for his help with the costumes!). We may not have drank wine from the Gods, rather champagne and whiskey shots; but our evening was most definitely Divine. Happy Halloween!

Nathan Ayon